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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knitting Bags

So, I don't know if I mentioned before, but my older girls are in a knitting club at school. They are LOVING this. I'm a bad mommy and haven't taught them how to knit. I figure that they learn to talk/walk/whatever through being immersed in it and not actually having to be taught (by the way, this is the same approach I take to potty training. I don't train them to do it...they just figure it out on their own eventually) that the same might apply to knitting. They see me do it everyday...they should eventually just pick it up, right? Okay, so really, I'm just a terrible teacher, with very little patience. I do believe they would have eventually picked it up on their own, though.

So, they're knitting! Not only that, but they're LOVING it!!! (Did I ever doubt that they would? Who doesn't love knitting?) Apparently, the past couple of days that the club was supposed to meet on, the principal (who is running the club) had meetings, so she couldn't run the club those days. Well, instead of just running off to recess like other kids would, my girls got went into the classroom that kids can go during recess to play games or whatever, sat down on the couch there, and just knit away. Not only that, but they brought yarn to donate to the club and used it to teach their friends to knit!

So, anyways, we were in Target yesterday and the girls told me they need knitting bags. Apparently they were getting tired of carrying their yarn and needles to school in grocery sacks. lol So, they looked around at all of the handbags and they both settled on the exact same purse, in the exact same color.

It's large enough to carry their yarn, needles, and has a pocket that can hold accessories. They LOVE them. They are going to the movies today and I had to tell them that they couldn't bring their knitting bags to the movies and knit while they watched. I know, I know, I probably should let them, but they're not to the point now where they can pay attention to something else while they knit and I don't want them to miss the movie!

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Blogger Yvette commented at 7:38 AM~  

Love the bag Katie!

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